Winter Tree Work

Heavy ice on tree branches in Guelph

While April to December are usually our busiest months, we do work throughout the winter. Staying warm in the winter is actually much easier for us arborists than cooling down in the summer! Chainsaw pants provide nice insulation against the cold, however, it is not as comfortable as July.

The Importance of Crown Reductions

Woman touching mature tree that needs a crown reduction

Mature trees are a key part of our urban forest. They provide us with many benefits, including lower energy consumption, improvements in air quality, carbon sequestering, stormwater runoff reduction, as well as many social and economical benefits.

Preventative Maintenance Pruning

Skilled arborist repairing a tree

Regular maintenance can help avoid major damage in severe storms. We have all seen the damage severe weather can do to our trees. When trees are overloaded by wind or ice, catastrophic damage can occur. When this happens many trees can be restored with proper pruning but some will be mortally wounded and need to be removed.  Regular preventative pruning can … Read More

Treating Emerald Ash Borer in Guelph & Centre Wellington

EAB Beetle and Larva

Since it was initially discovered in Canada, the Emerald Ash Borer has caused the widespread death of millions of ash trees in Southern Ontario. Unfortunately, it is has become established here in Guelph & Centre Wellington — and many of our trees are already in decline. The township of Centre Wellington has created a management plan for municipal trees, but … Read More

Life of an Urban Tree (Part 1): Soil – The Root of Tree Health

Soil: The root of tree health

Trees are an important part of our urban landscape and most people can name a couple of ways trees benefit us and our urban environment. Soil, however, is a much less appreciated resource that is vital to our health and that of our urban forests. Soil is such an important factor in our lives and the environment that the United Nations … Read More