Expert Tree Planting and Care Services

Whether you’re looking to replace a tree or simply fill an empty space, at Baum Professional Tree Care we can help you decide what the right tree is for your property. By examining the characteristics of your property and planting location we can provide suggestions for tree species that we feel best suit the area and achieve your goals for planting. It is critical for the survival of your new tree that it be well suited to the planting location. It is often better to plant younger, smaller trees because it is easier for them to adapt to environmental changes and can recover quicker from stress incurred during the planting process. We also encourage the planting of native species as these are best suited for the area and help support our local ecosystems.

Once you have chosen your tree our team will handle the ordering, pick up, and planting of your trees. Our planting is always done with the utmost care and consideration by our team to ensure we are giving your trees the best opportunity to thrive in their new home.


Do you plant trees?

Yes, we do plant trees.  Our planting seasons are in the Spring (April, May June) and the Fall (September, October, November)

What type of tree should I plant?

We always recommend planting trees that are native to the area. We like to assess the area where you’re hoping to plant your tree to help us understand the site conditions. Some trees are more suitable for certain locations, therefore, we always want as much information as we can get before making any recommendation. Choosing the right tree for the right spot can be critical for the long-term health and survival of your tree(s).  

Do you pick up the trees for me?

Yes, whether it’s a large order or just a single tree, we can arrange the ordering, pickup, and planting of your trees. 

Contact us for a quote for planting today!