Planting trees on your property can provide protection from the elements, enhance curb appeal,
and offer a wonderful natural space to be enjoyed by all generations.
If you are looking for tree planting services, choose a trained arborist who understands where trees will grow best and can recommend species suited to your environment.


At Baum Tree Care, we offer a range of tree planting services, including replacement tree planting for homeowners and property managers. We also provide memorial tree planting to honour someone who has passed.
We plant trees in the spring and fall seasons only — either between April and June, or September and October. In our experience, trees planted in the summer won’t flourish and are at risk of failure.

New Tree Planting


Our team is involved with a number of volunteer-driven tree planting projects, including  Communitrees in Elora and NeighbourWoods on the Grand. We are proud to support tree planting initiatives in the community!

If you are looking for tree planting services in Wellington County, contact the team at Baum Tree Care today for a free tree pruning quote.

Looking for tree planting services? Choose a trained arborist .


Knowledgeable, friendly, efficient. Clean up was impeccable; couldn’t even tell they had been there.  ~Sean Leary

We recently had work done to 7 of our trees and could not have been more pleased with their service. Phil and his crew did an outstanding job and a very thorough cleanup. As someone who works for an industrial contractor, often dealing with other trade services, I would heartily recommend Baum Professional Tree Care to anyone. Phil’s level of professionalism is truly top notch.   ~Scott Atkinson

We are committed to providing a safe and reliable service to our customers and the community. We are also dedicated to providing the most up to date practices in the tree care industry and are continually upgrading our knowledge through various courses and workshops.