Are you looking to preserve your trees for the long-term?

Pruning can be an excellent solution to maintain your trees’ health and safety, improve your home’s curb appeal, and protect your property from damage.

Man up on branch pruning red oak

Best Practice Tree Pruning

Tree pruning can affect a tree for its lifetime. Pruning without the knowledge of how each cut affects the tree can negatively impact it and even make the tree a hazard over time. Not all tree services use best practices when pruning trees so it is important to ask about training, experience, and certifications when hiring an arborist.  

It is also important to remember that every pruning cut is a wound that a tree has to heal. Each wound has the potential to let decay into the tree. Removing large limbs can increase the risk of decay and has the potential to leave the crown unbalanced and exposed to future failure.  

At Baum Tree Care, our certified arborists understand how to properly prune a tree to ensure it stays healthy and beautiful throughout its lifetime.

The Importance of Tree Health

Trees provide us with so much. We want to make sure they remain healthy so that they can continue to provide those benefits for years to come.

If you have a property with large trees on it you are probably aware of the risks presented by severe weather. During ice storms or high winds, falling branches can cause damage to buildings, cars, or knock down utility wires. You may also be concerned about disease and decay affecting your tree over time.

All of these situations can be identified by a trained arborist and most problems can be mitigated with regular pruning. Remember that not all pruning is equal — it’s important to not just hack away at your trees. You could be causing more problems than you’re solving.

We recommend booking a free consultation with one of our arborists to identify the best way to address the situation.

Old tree in need of Baum Tree Care

Photo Credit: Alnis Dickson

Our Tree Pruning Services

At Baum Tree Care, we offer many different types of tree pruning services:

  • A standard prune involves removing deadwood, branches that are interfering with each other, and compromised or diseased limbs.
  • Clearance pruning is done when branches are interfering with buildings, other trees, or utility wires.
  • Structural pruning can help promote healthy growth and prevent storm damage. This can be done with established trees as well as newly planted ones. Starting this type of pruning when the tree is young and newly planted is the most effective way to ensure a strong and healthy tree for the long-term.
  • Crown reductions relieve stress on branches, reduce the chance of tree failure, and prolong the life of a tree. A crown reduction can be done after a storm has damaged a tree to restore the crown, preserving the tree.
  • Hazard branch removal can be done after a storm has broken limbs and left them hanging or when a tree’s limbs have been otherwise compromised.
  • Installing cables in trees can help support weak branch unions and prevent tear-outs.
  • Fruit tree pruning is a specialized type of pruning designed to promote high-quality fruit production.

If you love your trees and want to preserve them, contact the team at Baum Tree Care today for a free tree pruning quote.