Felling a tree

Reasons for Tree Removal

Trees are beautiful and beneficial to our community. Certainly, trees that are in our yards, parks, and boulevards add so much to our lives. However, there are many reasons to remove a tree including disease, death, or critical damage from storms. Often, a tree must be removed to make way for a new addition or garage. Professional tree removal should be considered when a removal is needed.

The Safety of Tree Removal

Bringing large trees down can be complicated and requires an understanding of tree dynamics. There are many videos on YouTube of tree removal fails because homeowners attempted to DIY their tree removal. Trees that are unstable due to storm damage, disease or previous bad pruning can be even more complicated to remove safely. Attempting to remove a tree without the right equipment or inadequate experience puts you at the risk of injury.

Professional Arborist’s are trained to do their work safely. They have the necessary equipment, knowledge and experience to perform the task safely. Professional tree removal services can assess the situation accurately and take appropriate precautions. They can advise on replacement trees that would be suited to your property.

Tree Work and Property Value

A well maintained landscape is often a major factor in property valuation. Dead trees or those posing potential hazards can negatively impact your property’s market value if you are considering listing your home. Thus, tree removal, when done professionally can enhance your property’s curb appeal and increase its market value.

The Environmental Factor

While it’s essential to note that tree removal should be the last resort in many cases, sometimes it is actually better for the environment to remove the tree. This is especially true in the case of certain tree diseases. For example, a tree that has Oak Wilt could spread the fungus to other trees nearby if it is not removed quickly. In other cases an invasive tree like Norway Maple could escape into naturalized areas and could out compete native species.

Hiring Professional Tree Removers

Regardless of why you need to remove your tree, by hiring professional tree removers, you are ensuring a thorough job where the tree is removed safely and efficiently.

Hiring the experts at Baum Professional Tree Care can give you peace of mind in all these aspects. We understand and respect the natural value of trees, but we also acknowledge when tree removal becomes a necessary solution.

Our team uses the latest tools and techniques in tree climbing, to remove trees without causing extensive damage to your property. We value your safety and satisfaction and deliver services that mirror these principles.

Let Baum Professional Tree Care handle it professionally and safely.

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Let’s keep our environment safe and beautiful together.