tree cabling & bracing

Trees are a beautiful and essential part of our landscapes. They offer us shade, clean air, and provide habitat for wildlife. However, trees can have structural defects that pose a risk of failure in extreme weather. This consequently affects the safety of the surrounding area. In these cases, tree cabling and bracing can be an effective solution to prolong their life and maintain stability.

Tree cabling and bracing is a specialized method of tree support. It involves installing flexible cables or rigid rods to bolster the strength of the tree’s structure. This procedure is not only beneficial for the tree but also for the overall safety of your property. Weak or overextended tree limbs can be vulnerable to storm damage, disease, or heavy weight of ice or snow. When under strain, these limbs may crack or break, which could lead to serious damage or harm.

By installing cables or braces and completely appropriate mitigation pruning we can reduce the risk of breakage.

The installation of cables and braces should always be carried out by a professional tree care service, like Baum Professional Tree Care.

Our team is experienced and adept at assessing the health and structure of trees, and we’re equipped to install cables and braces safely and effectively.

It’s not advisable to attempt this process on your own without the necessary skills and equipment, as it can lead to further damage or even personal injury.


If you notice your mature tree showing signs of strain or structural weakness, it’s advisable to seek professional help immediately. Despite the numerous benefits bracing and cabling can give to a tree, not all trees are suitable candidates.

Careful inspection by a professional is necessary to decide whether a tree would benefit from these measures or if other treatments or removal might be more appropriate.

If you think tree cabling and bracing is something that might help your tree contact us today!