Life of an Urban Tree # 4 – Construction Damage and its Effect on Trees

Construction Damage

Summer is a peak time for renovations and construction in our towns and rural areas. While it is important for municipalities to upgrade our streets and highways, as well as for home owners and builders to improve existing building and amenities this activity can have a major impact on trees. Since trees play such an important role in our health … Read More

Life of an Urban Tree #2 – Planting Your Tree

Trees arrive in the urban forest in many ways. Some are planted by wildlife like squirrels or birds. Some seeds arrive on the wind and find a nice place to sprout along a fence line. Most trees in the urban forest are planted by people. Proper planting technique and thoughtful consideration to species will help your planted tree thrive.

The Benefits of Trees in Our Community

Benefits of trees in our community and urban forest

The trees in our urban forest bring us a wide range of benefits, from increasing the appeal of our neighborhoods to helping our environment, to improving the health and social well-being of our communities.

Common Pests of Trees in Ontario

Silver maple leaf with signs of anthracnose

There are many different types of pests, including both insects and diseases, that can affect trees in the urban forest of Ontario. It is important to be aware of the warning signs and symptoms of these common pests, in order to ensure that your property’s tree remain healthy. If you think you spot a problem with your tree, contact us … Read More

5 Things to Ask When Hiring an Arborist

Arborist climbing tree doing pruning work with harness and safety equipment

When hiring an arborist or tree care company to do work on your property, there are several important questions to ask them. You want to be sure that the arborists are properly certified, insured, and using best practices methods for tree pruning — or your trees and your property could suffer as a result.

Winter Tree Work

Heavy ice on tree branches in Guelph

While April to December are usually our busiest months, we do work throughout the winter. Staying warm in the winter is actually much easier for us arborists than cooling down in the summer! Chainsaw pants provide nice insulation against the cold, however, it is not as comfortable as July.

The Importance of Crown Reductions

Woman touching mature tree that needs a crown reduction

Mature trees are a key part of our urban forest. They provide us with many benefits, including lower energy consumption, improvements in air quality, carbon sequestering, stormwater runoff reduction, as well as many social and economical benefits.

Preventative Maintenance Pruning

Skilled arborist repairing a tree

Regular maintenance can help avoid major damage in severe storms. We have all seen the damage severe weather can do to our trees. When trees are overloaded by wind or ice, catastrophic damage can occur. When this happens many trees can be restored with proper pruning but some will be mortally wounded and need to be removed.  Regular preventative pruning can … Read More