Baum Professional Tree Care offers expert services to preserve and enhance the health and beauty of your trees. We have multiple ISA certified arborists on staff and years of experience in the field.

Our certified arborists understand how to properly prune trees to ensure they stay healthy and beautiful throughout their lifetime. Whether you need some clearance pruning over your roof or structural pruning we can help you.

Tree removals can be a messy and dangerous job for homeowners — a professional tree removal service can help you avoid the risks of damage to people or property during the process.

After a tree removal the stump can either be left in place or be ground out. We grind stumps 8-10 inches below grade and remove the grindings flush to grade. Once the stump is ground you are free to use the space where your stump once was for lawn or garden.

Hiring a trained arborist to evaluate storm damaged trees is important for preventing further damage. Our team will assess your trees to determine whether they need to be removed, or if we can bring them back to health.

We offer consulting services for tree health inquiries, risk assessments, pre-construction reports, inventories, and tree care plans.

Whether you’re looking to replace a tree or simply fill an empty space, we can help you decide what the right tree is for your property.

Sometimes trees require additional support from cabling or bracing to help mitigate the risk of failure. Our team can assess your tree and come up with a plan to help support the structure of your tree.

We sell split, seasoned hardwood for your indoor fire needs and deliver fresh or composted mulch.