Firewood and Mulch

A product of our services is wood and wood chips.

We sell split, seasoned hardwood for your indoor fire needs. If you are interested in buying split wood please reach out through the contact form to find out pricing and availability.

We also end up with a lot of softwood that can be burned in outdoor fire pits. If you are interested in being on our softwood dump list let us know. We charge a minimal tipping fee for deliveries of soft wood but do not charge for the wood itself. The wood is green and should be split and dried before burning for best results.

Mulch - let us know if you want to be on our mulch drop list. The load is usually around 10 yards and we only dump full loads. The fresh mulch is best for folks who have the space to let the pile sit and break down over a season before spreading out.

We also have composted mulch that we sell by the yard and deliver in Centre Wellington. Contact us for pricing and availability.


Do you deliver mulch or firewood?

We deliver both mulch and firewood. Deliveries within Fergus/Elora are free. We charge a small fee for most deliveries outside this area. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to request any mulch or firewood.

What kinds of mulch do you have?

We mostly offer “arborist mulch”, which is freshly chipped wood from various types of trees that we’ve recently pruned or removed. We offer this mulch free on a first-come, first-serve basis. Loads are typically 8-10 yards.

We also offer composted mulch. This is mulch that we’ve let age and begin decomposing. We charge for this mulch on a per yard basis. Please feel free to contact us for pricing and availability.  

Can I get free wood or wood chips?

Yes. We offer both wood and wood chips for free. We only offer green softwood for free, meaning it should be split and dried before burning. The wood chips that we offer for free are also fresh and will contain a variety of tree species. We only offer full loads of mulch, which is about 10 yards.

Contact us for a quote for firewood and mulch today!