It’s no secret that Stumps aren’t pretty, but did you know that sometimes leaving a stump behind can contribute to new sprouts, which may result in multiple small trees growing around the stump?
Our professional stump grinding service can help.


When a tree is removed the trunk is usually cut down close to grade. The stump can be left to rot on its own but sometimes you may want to grind the stump below grade for esthetic reasons, to avoid insect infestation like ants or termites, or because it is a species that will aggressively sucker from the stump like Ash, Willow or Norway Maple.

To remove the stump below grade a machine called a stump grinder is used to break up the stump into small chips. Many stump grinders are huge heavy machines that limit access in back yards. Our stump grinder is only 30 inches wide so it small enough to fit through the tightest back yard gate but it is still powerful enough to grind very large hardwood stumps.

We usually grind stumps 8-10 inches below grade and remove the grindings flush to grade. Once its finished you are free to use the space where your tree once was for lawn or garden.

Stump Grinder

Do you have a tree or stump that you want removed from your property?

Stump Grinder Before


Man on lift using chainsaw to cut tree branches


Stump Grinder showing the teeth of the grinder

The teeth of the grinder that chip away at the stump.

Looking for professional stump grinding?


Phil came by and checked out three trees on our suburban property. My mind is now at ease, he gave some easy to follow tips, helped us understand the life expectancy of our trees and that they are good and healthy – nothing to worry about – Thanks Phil and Serena of Baum Tree Care. ~ Carly O’Brien

Professional, safe and reasonable. What more can you ask for? They did an excellent job of removing two river willows that were shedding limbs on the street (Wellington County didn’t seem to care) and were ready to come down completely in the next ice storm. Cleanup was top notch as well. Pros   ~ Lorraine McDonald

We are committed to providing a safe and reliable service to our customers and the community. We are also dedicated to providing the most up to date practices in the tree care industry and are continually upgrading our knowledge through various courses and workshops.