Stump Grinding

When a tree is removed the trunk is usually cut down close to grade. The stump can be left to rot on its own but sometimes you may want to grind the stump below grade for aesthetic reasons, to avoid insect infestation like ants or termites, or because it is a species that will aggressively sucker from the stump, for example: Willow, Norway Maple, or Manitoba Maple.

To remove the stump below grade a machine called a stump grinder is used to break up the stump into small chips. Many stump grinders are huge heavy machines that limit access in backyards.

We usually grind stumps 8-10 inches below grade and remove the grindings flush to grade. Once it's finished you are free to use the space where your tree once was for lawn or garden.


Do I need to grind my tree stumps?

Grinding stumps is not always necessary, although, there are a number of instances in which a client may prefer to have the stump removed.

People often choose to do so for aesthetic purposes so that you don’t have a stump in the middle of your yard for years to come.

Convenience is a factor regarding stumps in the middle of the lawn. It can be annoying to have to mow around or it could even be a safety concern if you have young kids.  

Another important reason to grind a stump is because you live in or near a termite zone in Centre Wellington or Guelph. Removing stumps limits the food source available for termites.

What happens to the wood from the stump after grinding?

You have a few options with the chips left from stump grinding. Some people choose to keep the mulch to use around other trees or in garden beds. This adds nutrient's to your soil, significantly improving its quality over time.

Alternatively, we can also take some or all of the mulch away depending on your preferences. If you’re hoping to plant grass seed we recommend removal of all mulch, so that you can fill the area with topsoil.  

If we find live termites in stump grindings we will not remove the grindings from the property. In this case, the mulch should be spread throughout the garden so that it breaks down on site.

Will stump grinding remove the tree roots?

No, stump grinding does not remove all of the tree roots. We do typically grind the larger structural roots, especially when they are visible above ground, but there will still be roots around the stump after grinding.

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