Tree Cabling and Bracing Services for Enhanced Structural Support

Sometimes trees require additional support from cabling or bracing to help mitigate the risk of failure. There are various scenarios where this may be necessary. Typically it is done on trees with weak unions/attachments that are at risk of splitting or may have already begun to split. Depending on the circumstance we will recommend either a dynamic or a static cabling system for your tree. Most of our cabling is done in conjunction with reduction pruning to reduce the wind sail of larger limbs, which will help limit stress at any weak unions. After our team has installed the cable it is recommended that we schedule follow up appointments every 5 years to evaluate the cable(s) and the overall health of the tree.


Why would I cable or brace a tree?

Arborists choose to cable or brace a tree to lower the risk of failure at weak unions. Sometimes homeowners have trees which are of special value to them and they want to do everything possible to preserve the tree.

When should cabling or bracing be completed?

Ideally, bracing should be done proactively before damage has occurred to the tree. Occasionally, it may be performed after minor damage has occurred, if the tree is a good candidate. Not all trees are suitable for cabling or bracing, however, and we recommend having a discussion with an Arborist to decide whether this is a feasible option for your trees. 

Should I just remove my tree?

No, not necessarily. Defects present that can often be mitigated by cabling and bracing. These defects do not mean that failure is imminent, however, this strategy is often employed to help mitigate risk to an acceptable level for owners. 

What types of trees benefit most from cabling and bracing?

Trees that need additional support to weak unions to prevent splits or limb failures are the typical candidates for bracing. Some trees are more likely to have narrow, weak unions including Linden, Tulip Tree, and Norway Maple. Having a discussion with an Arborist can help you identify candidates for this type of work. 

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